Designers, Architects & Engineering

Design more, administrate less.

Better design is a result of better collaboration.

Collaborate better with your team and clients. Effortlessly share files across different platforms. Track design iterations, tasks and approvals easily across architecture, engineering and planning industries.

Keep everyone in the real time loop.

People are the centre of your business.

Plan team resources and collaborate with clients and your team.
Share files, and add comments so that everyone will be on the same page.
Track progress of every project in real-time.

Does everyone have the most up to date drawings and documents?
Are they aware of their deadlines?
Is everyone on the project team aligned on what the bigger plan looks like?

What is the chain of decision making and who is in charge of what? When are things going to be done? And what is the current status of everything in the project?
Share the bigger picture in a simple format with the whole team.

Live Document Register

Minimise design to construction errors with a live document register. Always have the right drawings for the right people.

Real-time data

Everyone gets a real time view on mobile, tablet device or desktop. Access a real time picture of the entire project whilst on the road or in the office, at any time of day.

Reports & Forecasts

JobBag’s live, accurate data and easy-to-set-up templates make reporting a breeze. Forecast billings and tracking costs vs budgets is straightforward with JobBag.

Invest in more time to design.


Handle complexity with ease

When you agree to take on a more complex design project, assign the whole team to the project. Then you can keep everyone up to date on deadlines, options and tasks easily. JobBag helps you collaborate more effectively, so you can spend your time on the real work – design.


Run a happy and productive team

With an integrated Time and Leave tracker and custom Calendars visible in the project planner, resourcing your projects while balancing your team’s workload becomes easy and efficient.


Keep track of design iterations

Every design project has a project timeline and task list to help you track progress. Link related projects together for a comprehensive bigger picture.
Keep track of each design iteration by linking projects. This helps you and your team focus on real work without having to worry about keeping track of each design iteration.


Communicate design intent clearly to everyone

Share images, PDFs and other files easily with your project team, against the project, within JobBag. Design guides for a client will show on all their projects ensuring your team meet the client’s requirements.


Integrated drawing registers

Spend less time on admin and more time designing.
Import data from Revit to automatically generate drawing registers for your projects.

Automate drawing transmittal generation and customise them to suit your needs. Share real-time registers and files with the whole team from within JobBag. Never lose track of revisions again.


Track your billables

Our mobile time tracking tool links people to their projects, ensuring time is always tracked, enabling you to bill accurately.

This can be made visible to all to encourage efficient work for the whole team

Kim Norenbergs | Studio Manager | SpaceLab

“The JobBag Client Services team are fantastic — you never have to wait!
Nothing is ever a problem. It’s wonderful to have that level of customer service.”

Manage your business efficiently


Plan New Work

Apply standard templates to plan new jobs consistently based on the type of project. Capture the brief clearly to meet the needs of your client, and use the plan to drive your estimates.


Estimate & Quote

Create and send custom estimates. Convert them easily to a job upon approval. Add team hours and supplier quotes to jobs for a forward picture of job profitability.


Maximise team utilization

Utilise your team effectively and minimise the use of freelancers. Our capacity planning tools will help your business perform efficiently.


Accurately recognise revenue

Easily manage pre-billings, only recognise income when you have done the work, match costs and revenue automatically without having to think like an accountant. Trust the integrity of your reports.

Manage your money

Accurate Invoicing

Log progress, timesheets, track disbursements and create recurring invoices for retainer projects. Pass on supplier expenditure effortlessly from POs and invoices.

Single Touch Payroll

Pay your team and your taxes! From salary to hourly, freelancers, talent management and crew. JobBag does it all and meets the new ATO security requirements.

Full Accounting Package

Sitting behind job costing and planning is a complete accounting system. Track forecast vs. actual billings, budgeted vs actual overheads and print financial statements from your GL instantly.

Run a happy and productive team

Simple Time tracking

Convert active diary entries into timesheets and post them to jobs for simplified job costing. Use this to drive accurate invoicing.

Visual Planning

View long term planning and this week’s WIP. Plan jobs and balance your team’s workload to keep jobs on schedule.

Assign and track work

Assign tasks to individuals or teams and track the progress of all your projects. Ensure everyone stays accountable.