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JobBag will have you running your business, people, finance, projects and even payroll, all in one place – it will be your one source of truth.

Begin capturing job information from the time you start speaking to your clients, and track it across the whole life of your project. You will see your whole business with clarity.

Try JobBag in your business for 3 months. We are so confident you will love it, that if you don’t think it’s right, we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

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Manage new business efficiently

JobBag has inbuilt planning and forecasting tools to help you see what’s coming and plan to stay profitable.

Be well prepared for new business when it comes. Stay on top of the demands of business development activities.

See the potential impact on your capacity, reduce your need for freelancers and maximise your profit.

Job Planning

Set up templates that suit your business based on type of jobs you do.

Develop the plan to deliver the job that meets your clients’ needs.

Use this plan to create your estimates.

Estimating & Quote Generation

Quickly and precisely create custom templates for estimates.

Clone previous estimates and modify them to share with your clients. Flag when client approval is received.

Set up standard work flows to require internal review prior to an estimate being released.

If your estimates require support from external suppliers, our inbuilt tools help information flow seamlessly.

Requests for Quotes (RFQs)

Use RFQs to brief multiple suppliers with one document.

Track supplier responses and present them all within the estimate to your client.

Share all their options upfront before accepting the quote and proceeding with the job.

Purchase Orders (POs)

Effortlessly convert preferred RFQ to a PO, or raise a separate PO and issue it directly to your supplier.

Define who has the right to generate POs, and set limits by dollar value.

Require internal review of POs before release, if you choose.

Once issued, POs are tracked on the Job, easily matched to Supplier Invoices when they arrive.  POs make your financial reporting more accurate.

Sales Pipeline

JobBag gives you full visibility and control of your inbound business. Estimates feed directly into your sales pipeline so you can see the impact of new jobs and if the client has approved them or not.

View estimates and quotes by customer, and the impact on your billings and revenue by month. Assign the likelihood of winning each job.

Track how successful you are at winning new business.

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Operating Rhythm

Efficient businesses spend more time delivering results and less time reinventing the wheel.

Minimise administration time and have happier teams who are clear on what they are doing.

Run more profitable jobs with a good operating rhythm.

Run the most efficient team with our tools

Workflow & Process

Creating your optimal operating rhythm has many advantages.

Use Rules to automate your workflow and minimise noise in your business. Optional approval processes support delegation in bigger businesses, ensuring only the right things happen.

Your team will know what to do and how, making responses to clients simpler, faster and more accurate.

We’ve embedded many best practices that help our clients to grow their businesses.

Task Allocation

JobBag can be used to easily allocate individuals or teams to tasks on your jobs.

The timing is up to you – allocate resources when the Estimate is accepted by the client, or on the fly as the day unfolds.

Seeing where pressure is building up gives your team the opportunity to plan accordingly.

Visual Planning

The Visual Planning tool provides a display of what’s scheduled and where the pressure points are.

Simply drag and drop to move tasks around to support you in workflow planning.

See in real-time where activities are assigned and what’s still left to do – a bird’s eye view of capacity or overload.

Capacity Management

Seeing individuals’ and team’s capacity will help you plan workflow and spot where overloads are likely to occur.

Easily re-assign work across the team as things change.

Use Visual Planning views to make WIP meetings an interactive event. WIP documents can become a thing of the past with JobBag.

Track Progress

When tasks are allocated, tracking progress can be done with one click. You might even call it a timesheet!

Your morning Dashboard highlights what’s on your plate today. Working this way helps keep your team accountable.

Job Variations

Clients often change their minds. Changes are documented and tracked in JobBag.

Anything from adding new tasks or additional estimates, to adjusting dates and timelines can be done in a simple way.

JobBag helps you respond quicker to their needs and ensures variations are charged appropriately.

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Job Costing

Whether you cost your jobs as fixed priced or on a time and materials basis, JobBag supports your way of working.

Use time and progress tracking to manage the costs of your jobs and progressive billing for the work you are completing.

Billings Forecast

When Estimates are accepted by the client, this automatically triggers:

  • The status of the job moves from proposed to live;
  • Tasks are made active in your workflow;
  • The Estimate is included in the Billings Forecast.

Billings forecasts show you what you should be billing and how you are tracking against the forecast. It also highlights jobs that are underperforming to identify missed invoicing opportunities.

Cost Allocation

Supplier invoices and expenses can be quickly and easily spread across multiple jobs. Using Purchase Orders ensures pending costs are visible, so you can track the profitability of a job as it progresses


JobBag’s standard workflow for helps you track accounts payable. Keep track of all supplier invoices, regardless of the type of purchase you are making.

Developed to make payments easier for your accounts team, we built additional features fundamental to the advertising industry, like payments to performing artists and crew, or printing and media purchases.


Captured at the time the cost is incurred, disbursements can be added to projects via a Purchase Order, as part of an Expense Claim or entered as an ‘item’ cost. PDFs of the invoices can be saved as an attachment, making future review and approval easy.

Expense Claims can be forwarded for review and approval, before entering the Accounts Payable stream.

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Finance Management

Do you find it challenging to work out your team’s charge rates? Are you confident that your rates will generate a good profit? As your business grows, it can get difficult to keep track of the money moving in and out. Timing of invoices, variable team costs and high volumes of transactions make it difficult to align with what you are charging your clients.

JobBag will help put a smile on your Finance Manager’s and accountant’s faces and free your time up for working with your clients and your team.

Revenue recognition

Ask any Project Manager at the end of a month, or a quarter, if their invoicing matches the effort and costs spent on their project, and they will quickly look the other way. Few tools help manage project costs and tie-in billings to meet the needs of the accounts team.

Yet this is a standard part of JobBag’s strong financial system. Say good-bye to ongoing accruals spreadsheets. Ensure you recognise your revenue in the right period, every time.

Big corporate clients, government agencies and long-term jobs all share complexity issues with timing of orders and payments. JobBag gives your accounting team clear visibility of pre-billing plus the ability to manage Work in Progress (WIP) and Accruals efficiently.

Income Analysis

When you understand what is driving your performance, you have the power to change it. JobBag delivers you easy-to-review reports – starting with a high level overview, and the power to drill down to specifics. Income can be viewed by job type, by client, by account executive and by tasks, making it easy for you to see which elements are doing well and where improvement should be made.

KPI Model

An extraordinary and unique tool designed to help you financially model your business. Used for planning and determining charge rates, staffing levels and performance targets, the KPI worksheet uses your real data (costs and expenses from payroll and the GL) and matches these to available hours (by individual). All variables can be adjusted, so the impact of additional staff, or a higher profit margin can quickly be modelled and tested.

The result: a successful plan for your business that you can then monitor your financial progress against.

Time-Revenue Analysis

Analysing the value generated from the time spent provides key insights into the efficiency of the business.  Time-Revenue analysis is often overlooked or misunderstood. JobBag produces data-driven insights into the critical leaks in your business.

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JobBag’s core job costing and accounting tools bring everything together into a simple process. Your business finances will tick over like clockwork.

JobBag is the comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing all of your business’s financial needs while also helping you meet the continuously changing needs of the ATO.

Single Touch Payroll

Integrated payroll reduces your data entry effort whilst ensuring the key costs in your business are superbly managed.

Single Touch Payroll ensures information from JobBag effortlessly flows to the ATO for tracking PAYG, Superannuation and Payroll Tax.

Track your P & L

As a result of the strong accounting backbone, JobBag helps you keep an eye on your projected Profit and Loss. Keep all your stakeholders happy, from shareholders to accountants and everyone in-between.

ATO Security Compliance

JobBag takes security seriously, as do the ATO. We are constantly working with our contacts at the DPO (Digital Partnership Office) at the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to ensure JobBag is at the forefront of compliance for Single-Touch Payroll.

JobBag was the first system in the Australian market to support MyGovID usage and the new ATO Machine To Machine (M2M) verification process that is replacing AusKey in Quarter 1 2020.

General Ledger Reporting

Do you report Budget vs Actuals and Forecasts in your financial statements each month? Are you constantly updating spreadsheets to see where you are going? JobBag will bring this to you each month with less effort and more accuracy.

Having a Finance Director as the CEO of JobBag has ensured our accounting features work effortlessly to financially control your business.

JobBag adheres strongly to Australian Accounting Principles, ensuring you receive information with integrity.

Withholding Tax for different countries

There are many countries where varying Withholding Tax rates are set for types of work. Consequently, there are cash flow implications and external reporting responsibilities.

Are you unsure about how to correctly report Withholding Tax when it changes per supplier? Does the tax liabilities and credits system cause confusion and uncertainty?

With JobBag, set individual Withholding Tax rates for each supplier based on where they are located. Be confident that this is reflected accurately in the general ledger. JobBag also reports tax liabilities and credits so you have an accurate picture of your cash flow at all times

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Industry Specific Features

At JobBag we listen to the needs of our clients closely. together we have developed features to specifically address their needs. This gives us our clients in the Media, Creative, Design and Building industries a unique level of support, fully integrated within the system that helps them run their busienss.

Creative, Digital & Advertising

Media Buying

As media buying is such an integral part of managing client advertising campaigns, we’ve built an additional media buying feature in JobBag to assist with this. 

Our media buying feature helps you to generate alternative media schedules and share those with your clients.  Client approval enables the generation of POs and media instructions to line up with your schedule and channel so you can accurately track a signed off media campaign. 

The result: the ability to visually and financially track your media campaign for both digital and traditional advertising. JobBag also manages commissions by channel, to easily match supplier invoices to campaigns and generate client invoices on approved schedules.

Talent Management

We use the term Talent Management to refer to the management of Performing Artists, the stars of the show in the generation of video, audio and print advertising for your clients.

JobBag helps track your talent management contracts via Talent POs. Invoices from these suppliers, upon payment automatically account for their PAYG, super and payroll tax.  Support is in-built for child talent and crew too, with all their relevant super and tax implications built straight into JobBag.

Leveraging our accounting system for these talent folks ensures we can then transmit this effortlessly to the ATO as part of your Single Touch Payroll processing.

Building Services, Engineering & Design