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About Us

For 27 years we’ve had a singular mission:
to help creative agencies manage their business profitably, so they can focus on serving their clients.

As a business that delivers jobs and projects, you have unique challenges— hidden project costs, staying on schedule, juggling freelance staff, tracking advance billings & unbilled work— these often make it hard to see when and if you’re making money until it’s too late.

Yet running a profitable business is the key to keeping your entire team (and shareholders) happy, focused and motivated, so that they can do their best work for your clients. So let us help you manage this.

We built JobBag to solve the problems of businesses like yours

For decades, we’ve listened to, experimented with and grown alongside our clients. We’ve built features to solve challenges that are unique to your business– like Talent Management, Media Buying, Pre-billing, Work In Progress and Accruals Tracking. We’re continually updating and adding to the platform to meet the evolving needs of our clients.

JobBag was built to satisfy the demands of the top advertising agencies in Australia, and that’s why we’re the BEST Business Management Software for service businesses and agencies.

“The product is great and the staff are great and they excel at helping us. They work together with us as partners, rather than as a supplier you just give your money to. They are passionate about their product, it’s about more than just making money to them.”


Do better work for your clients, profitably

Creatives need to create.
And that’s the way that it should be.

Growing a creative business you need to be organised—to manage projects, hit deadlines, pay your bills and land new business. Being organised creates the stability that’s essential to nurture your innovative environment.

JobBag aligns your creatives with your managers, so all your business information is in one platform so you can see the global impact of every action you take.
Which frees you up and gives you the time and space to do ground-breaking work that blows your clients away.

4 things you’ll love about JobBag:

A single source of truth

JobBag puts your whole business in one software solution, so you’ll see how every action — from working more hours, to raising a PO on a vendor — impacts your bottom line.

Powerful financial reports

From employee-level utilisation to real-time Proft & Loss statements, you get all the tools to plan and manage your growth profitably

World-Class support

Our support team is truly one-of-a-kind. We guarantee that you’ll get the 1- on -1 support and training you need to make JobBag successful in your business.

No external integrations required

What’s better than 100+ integrations? Not needing any! JobBag lets you run your business from one platform, without any messy integrations.

“The client services team are a great to work with. I know it can be tough, as they don’t deal with me only, but I’ve always felt like I was the only client they were working with – it’s a good feeling. My highest regards to them!”


You’ve never seen a software support team like this

You’ll think our support team are psychics…because they answer your questions before you even ask them. But don’t mistake experience for mysticism.  Our team members have worked with clients that share your same challenges for years. That experience leads to breakthrough insights that help you run your business more efficiently.

The JobBag team is made up of subject-matter experts in fields that matter to you — like accountants, payroll specialists and IT professionals.

So get ready for hands-on training and personalised support like you’ve never experienced from a software company before.  Our dedication to your business is one of the reasons why our clients stay clients for life.

Meet the Team

David Blaymires


David has been running the show at JobBag since 1992 and his contagious energy sets the tone for the entire team. He loves to help clients see how JobBag can improve the way they run their business. David has a background in Finance for advertising agencies, so he knows the people, processes and technology. When he’s out of the office, you’ll find him wandering an unfamiliar village, sailing or checking out a new restaurant. He never tires of new experiences.

“The most inspiring part of my job is when we not only solve a client’s problem, but we give them the ability to do more than they thought possible. It’s like opening the door to a whole new world of opportunity!”

Client Services

David Nicoll


After 20+ years in Advertising and Public Relations Finance departments, David knows his way around our software and your balance sheet. He’ll help you get a grasp on your WIP or streamline your payroll processes. When he’s not in the office, you can find him hanging out at the beach or walking his dog.

Jane Olsen


By now, she’s kind of used to hearing that she’s amazing after helping a client work their way through a JobBag problem. But it never gets old. When she gets home, she’s a pretty amazing Mum too, to her kids and her cat. You might say she’s our “Jane-of-all-trades.”

Shaguntala Sangarapillay


Shaguntala gets a thrill out of watching the crashing WA surf on stormy days. It’s the same kind of thrill she gets hearing a client say “Oh, that was easy!” Her passion for helping others runs deep, so when she’s not helping clients like you, she’s volunteering her time at Healing Rooms Australia.

Nicolien Yates

Finance Manager & Consultant

Who better to show you how to make a profit than the woman who does it for us? When she’s not busy making us profitable, Nicolien consults with clients on day-to-day accounting and payroll questions. Her personal goal is to learn something new every day, and more often than not she does.


Bastiaan Olij

Head of Development

Bastiaan is part-creator, part-problem solver. It takes a special kind of genius to keep all the pieces of JobBag working together, so that you only need to enter a piece of data once and you’ll get accurate numbers for your entire organisation. Whilst building a single source of truth is all in a day’s work, Bas spends his free time writing software for cutting-edge virtual reality platforms. “Life is too short to not do the things you enjoy “ he says. Thankfully, making your life easier is something he enjoys!

“I love solving puzzles and that’s what I do — I take the input we get from all of our sources and fit it together to create a solution that helps as many clients as possible. The icing on the cake is when I hear that something I designed has made someone’s day easier.”

Mamatha Paret


Mamatha is determined to create the most efficient way for you to run your business. She’s adventurous in the kitchen and loves to explore new cuisines that fit with a healthy lifestyle.
Her motto is if a plan doesn’t work, change the plan, but never the goal.

Olivia Wong

UX / UI Designer

Olivia’s dedicated her life to making the world easier for all of us to use, from designing web pages to architecting buildings. Well, that and trading vintage furniture! When we ask Olivia if we can improve the user experience on one of our modules, we always get the same response: ‘Can lah!

Mark Street

IT Support

Mark keeps our systems running and secure, and helps our clients do the same. He’s been working in IT for 35 years, so he’s seen it all. He says “You become what you dream about yourself” and that positive energy serves him well at work and in his passions — family, fitness and carpentry.

General Manager

“I’ve introduced JobBag into 2 seperate advertising agencies now. I love that the support team is made up of senior leaders who have previously run large teams doing my role in advertising. It means the help I get not just system support scripted answers, but instead answers to the questions I ask them such as “if you were in my job and trying to solve the challenge I am now facing, what would you do to achieve this?” I get real world practical answers to my business problems.”

Our Values

The success of any company starts with its culture and JobBag is no different. We’ve thrived for nearly 30 years — surviving seismic shifts in technology, advertising and economic trends — by staying true to these core values.

Be passionate about creating happiness

Happiness comes in many forms. That’s why we take the time to get to know each client personally so we can understand what their goals are and what they hope to achieve. Happiness is contagious, so we do our best to create it and spread it to everyone we touch.

Support should be inspirational

We believe in truly supporting our clients, which means our goal is to inspire you to do your best work, through coaching, training and consulting on all the ways that our software can make your life simpler, better and more efficient.

Solving Problems is FUN

We love solving your problems. In fact, we wish our clients called us more often with their problems. There’s no bigger thrill for us than helping a client find their way through a particularly challenging issue. And if you’ve got a really good one that we can’t fix immediately, we’ll put it on our development wish-list.

Accuracy and integrity above all

Our clients’ results are only as good as the software we build. We believe that they should be able to input data once and get accurate data that they can rely on. That’s the core principle behind JobBag’s one single source of truth.

The team is everything

Our team is the true secret of our success. We believe in active communication, nurturing relationships and delivering on our promises. Every single team member is expected to honour those goals. And we strive to create an environment in which that’s possible.

Our goal is your success

Get in touch now to see how we can help you grow your business.