Need to invoice clients or pay suppliers including Withholding Tax (in addition to GST)? JobBag now supports applying Withholding Tax to supplier or client invoices for some countries.

Business management software for creative agencies

Run your entire business on one platform: plan and execute jobs, manage your finances & run payroll.

Throw out the spreadsheets. Unplug complex integrations. Bring your profit picture into crystal-clear focus.

Helping advertising agencies & creative businesses grow profits for over 28 years


Finally see when, how and why you’re making money

With JobBag, data flows effortlessly from job quotes to invoices to your Balance Sheet. Get real-time financial data, see true job-level profitability and easily manage your work in progress to know exactly when you’re making money.

Manage your business with JobBag’s powerful features


Job Planning

  • Build detailed job plans & timelines
  • Convert resource plans into your job quote
  • Know your estimated profit on every job


Project Management

  • Assign tasks & track progress with visual planning tools
  • Plan and record work with integrated active diary
  • Monitor progress in seconds to keep jobs on schedule


Job Costing

  • Attach supplier invoices to jobs to account for all your costs
  • Post timesheets with a tick and a click
  • See your burn rate against your quote


Financial Management

  • Integrated payables, receivables and financial accounting
  • Manage pre-billings and unbilled work with simple WIP tracking
  • Integrated single touch payroll keeps you compliant while saving time and money

Manage projects and maximize your profit with JobBag

“I use JobBag to help the business easily manage our job costings and financials. This means our creative team can focus on delivering better creative and servicing their clients.
It’s a win for the whole business!”


Creative & Digital Agencies

A single source of truth for creative agencies

Why is it a struggle to keep creative projects profitable? Why does it feel like creative and accounting live in different universes? It’s because they work in different software.

JobBag is the only software designed to help your entire team manage complex jobs efficiently and profitably. JobBag looks at your entire business, and allows you to capture, measure and manage everything about your business in one place.

Demolish ‘information silos’ to see where you’re leaking profits

JobBag tracks your entire workflow from start to finish to show you where the money comes in and where it goes out.

You can finally plug the gaps where the profit is draining out of your business.

Plus, you can save money on SaaS subscriptions, delete your Excel tracking sheets and unplug fickle software integrations. Never wonder ‘did I enter that data in both places?’ ever again.

Professional (local) training & support to help you grow

You don’t learn how to find bigger profits from a chatbot or an offshore support team reading knowledge base scripts.

The JobBag client services team is made up of real subject-matter experts, like accountants, business analysts, bookkeepers and IT professionals. Plus, they have all worked in creative businesses like yours.

And yes, our client service team is based right here in Australia. So we work when you’re working. Giving you the answers and guidance you need to help your business when you need it.

“It’s made a huge difference to me with Talent Management and Payroll in one place, as I previously used an off the shelf payroll software programme to process staff and talent payroll which meant processing of the same information twice. Now we are using JobBag to process all our payroll in one place.”



Try JobBag risk-free for 90 days

Try JobBag in your business for 3 months. At the end, if you don’t think it’s right for you then we’ll give you your money back. It’s that simple.

This isn’t a trick or a gimmick — we’ve seen JobBag help dozens of agencies stop scrambling month-to-month and get the financial clarity they’ve needed to grow their business confidently. And we believe it can do the same for you.

You will see your finances better so you can make smarter hiring decisions, plan salary raises and bonuses and manage cash inflows and outflows to avoid panic-inducing surprises.

We’ll do everything possible to make JobBag work for you, including installation, setup and personalised support.

But, at the end of 90 days, if you’re not happy we’ll give you your money back.

Media Buying

Integrated media buying module

As media buying is such an integral part of managing client advertising campaigns, we’ve built a Media Buying feature to assist with this.

Media Buying enables you to generate alternative media schedules and share those with your clients. Client approval enables the generation of purchase orders and media instructions to line up with your schedule and channel so you can accurately track a signed off media campaign. The result: visually and financially track your media campaign by channel, albeit digital or traditional advertising avenues.

JobBag also manages commission by channel, so you can easily match up supplier invoices to campaigns and generate client invoices accordingly.

Payroll and Talent Management

Talent Management

This refers to the management of Performing Artists, who are the stars of the show in the generation of video and audio advertising for your clients.

JobBag helps track your contracts via Supplier POs. Invoices from these suppliers, upon payment automatically account for their PAYG, super and payroll tax. Support is inbuilt for child talent and crew too, with all their relevant super and tax implications built straight into JobBag.

Leveraging our accounting system for your Talent ensures we can transmit this effortlessly to the ATO as part of your Single Touch Payroll processing.

Manage your business efficiently


Plan New Work

Apply standard templates to plan new jobs consistently based on the type of project. Capture the brief clearly to meet the needs of your client, and use the plan to drive your estimates.


Estimate & Quote

Create and send custom estimates. Convert them easily to a job upon approval. Add team hours and supplier quotes to jobs for a forward picture of job profitability.


Maximise team utilization

Utilise your team effectively and minimise the use of freelancers. Our capacity planning tools will help your business perform efficiently.


Accurately recognise revenue

Easily manage pre-billings, only recognise income when you have done the work, match costs and revenue automatically without having to think like an accountant. Trust the integrity of your reports.

Manage your money

Accurate Invoicing

Log progress, timesheets, track disbursements and create recurring invoices for retainer projects. Pass on supplier expenditure effortlessly from POs and invoices.

Single Touch Payroll

Pay your team and your taxes! From salary to hourly, freelancers, talent management and crew. JobBag does it all and meets the new ATO security requirements.

Full Accounting Package

Sitting behind job costing and planning is a complete accounting system. Track forecast vs. actual billings, budgeted vs actual overheads and print financial statements from your GL instantly.

Run a happy and productive team

Simple Time tracking

Convert active diary entries into timesheets and post them to jobs for simplified job costing. Use this to drive accurate invoicing.

Visual Planning

View long term planning and this week’s WIP. Plan jobs and balance your team’s workload to keep jobs on schedule.

Assign and track work

Assign tasks to individuals or teams and track the progress of all your projects. Ensure everyone stays accountable.

Our clients love us

Hear what they have to say about working with us

The product is quite solid as is the thinking behind it, and it’s great to know you are talking to support people with agency experience.

It’s made a huge difference to me having a single system with all the job costing information plus Talent Management and Payroll in one place, as I previously used an off the shelf payroll software programme to process staff and talent payroll which meant processing of the same information twice. Now we are using JobBag to process all our payroll in one place.

I like that I can analyse the entire business, having the ability to run reports and view all our data in one pace, so I can look at the business from all sorts of perspectives. It’s very logical, and I like that! We moved to JobBag from another system in 2007. It was a big step up for our business, because now we have everything we need financiallly to run our business all in one place.

I’ve been working in this role for three and a half years now, and since day one I’ve had the pleasure of working with the JobBag team and understanding the passion behind their solution.

We would love to show how JobBag could work for you.