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Integrated Full Service Agency

Forecast, resource, deliver and get paid with confidence using JobBag to achieve your goals.


KPI worksheet

An extraordinary and unique tool for financially modeling your business. Used for business planning and determining charge rates, staffing levels and performance targets. The KPI worksheet starts with real-world data (costs and expenses taken from payroll and the General Ledger), matched to available hours (from payroll, by individual), etc. All variables can be adjusted, so that the impact of additional staff, or a higher profit margin can quickly be tested.


JobBag is integrated, so that as one task is completed, the data is used throughout the system. When an Estimate is flagged as accepted by the client, it automatically moves the job from proposed to live, adds the tasks to the workflow and includes the Estimate in the forward Forecast. (Adjustments to timing/dates are easily made). Forecasting keeps you on track, identifying missed invoicing opportunities and helping meet your targets.


Managing team capacity or, more importantly, knowing where overload is likely to occur is always a challenge. JobBag’s Visual Planning tool provides a visual display of what’s scheduled and where the pressure points may be. Drag and drop to move tasks around. 

Visual Planning

Task allocation and workflow planning. This dynamic tool updates in real-time to activities as they are assigned and completed, providing a bird’s eye view on where there is capacity or overload. WIP meetings are interactive events. WIP documents are a thing of the past.


JobBag WIndow

By default, the Jobs Window lists all active (open) jobs. It’s dynamically updated as new jobs are added or closed – so it’s always current. It’s the go-to for those managing projects.

Task Allocation

Quick and easy, tasks can be assigned directly to individual team members. Those tasks then appear on that individual’s worklist and will also appear in Visual Planning. The Task Allocation includes the Job, the task required and the time allowed.


Where tasks have been allocated, completing the timesheet is ‘one click’. Time can be entered separately as needed. Reports track what is missing.


Systemising business has many advantages. Your team knows what to do and what to expect, making responses to clients faster. JobBag has been working in this industry for more than 25 years, and all of the best practices are embedded within the system.
That said, JobBag is a sophisticated platform that can be mapped to work with any existing business process.



JobBag features advanced tools to make estimating quick and precise. From creating custom templates, to cloning previous estimates, to making modifications/variations. There are workflow settings that can require internal review before an estimate can be released, as well as flags for when client approval is given.
Everything in JobBag is integrated. Estimates link to RFQ’s, Jobs, Clients, Forecasts, and when accepted, the workflow in Visual Planning.

The Estimate can be emailed directly from JobBag (as everything can be), adding a note directly to the client and job file.

Request For Quote

Brief multiple suppliers with one document, track their responses and link to the estimate you prepare for your client.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are issued directly via email. JobBag has extensive security settings – limits can be set on who has rights to generate orders, including a limit to the dollar value. It’s also possible to require Purchase Orders to be reviewed internally before release.

Once issued, Purchase Orders are tracked within WIP and Accruals, and then matched to the supplier invoice when it arrives.


Captured at the time the cost is incurred. Disbursements can be added to projects via a Purchase Order, as part of an Expense Claim or entered as an ‘item’ cost. PDFs of the invoices can be saved as an attachment, making future review and approval easy.

Expense Claims can be forwarded for review and approval, before entering the Accounts Payable stream.


Invoices can be generated at any point and can be based on the approved Estimate or raised using the actual activity as a guide. JobBag also manages Retainers by allowing the auto scheduling of invoices. There is complete flexibility. Invoices can have detailed line items or be just one total.

They be emailed directly to the client’s Finance contact (how easy is that?).


Income Analysis

Insights that change business performance come from understanding exactly what is driving performance. JobBag delivers easy-to-review reports – that start with a level overview and then can drill down to specifics. For example – Income can be viewed by job type, by client, by account executive and by tasks. It makes it easy to see which elements are doing well and where improvement can be made.

Cost Allocation

Supplier invoices and expenses are quickly and easily spread across related jobs, purchase orders ensure potential costs are not invisible, everything is designed to give you a complete view of how your jobs are performing.

Integrated Payroll

Integrated payroll takes much of the data entry effort out of managing a core part of your business and ensures that the key costs in your business are superbly managed.

Time Revenue Analysis

Analysing the value generated from the time spent provides key insights into the efficiency of the business. Often overlooked or misunderstood, JobBag produces insights into the critical leaks in your business.