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Providing up to the minute insights on your financial position. Run reports on a variety of metrics to form a deep understanding of how your business is performing.

Income Analysis

Insights that change business performance come from understanding exactly what is driving performance. JobBag delivers easy-to-review reports – that start with a level overview and then can drill down to specifics. For example – Income can be viewed by job type, by client, by account executive and by tasks. It makes it easy to see which elements are doing well and where improvement can be made.

Cost Allocation

Supplier invoices and expenses are quickly and easily spread across related jobs, purchase orders ensure potential costs are not invisible, everything is designed to give you a complete view of how your jobs are performing.

Integrated Payroll

Integrated payroll takes much of the data entry effort out of managing a core part of your business and ensures that the key costs in your business are superbly managed.

Time/Revenue Analysis

Analysing the value generated from the time spent provides key insights into the efficiency of the business. Often overlooked or misunderstood, JobBag produces insights into the critical leaks in your business.