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Operational Efficiency

A comprehensive business system to help you run the day to day operations of your business efficiently and with full visibility.

JobBag Window

By default, the Jobs Window lists all active (open) jobs. It’s dynamically updated as new jobs are added or closed – so it’s always current. It’s the go-to for those managing projects.

Quick and easy, tasks can be assigned directly to individual team members. Those tasks then appear on that individual’s worklist and will also appear in Visual Planning. The Task Allocation includes the Job, the task required and the time allowed.


Where tasks have been allocated, completing the timesheet is ‘one click’. Time can be entered separately as needed, you can even draw timesheets. Reports track what is missing.

Task Allocation

Managing workflow is complex and often thankless. With JobBag, tasks can be allocated to individuals or teams. This can be when the Estimate is accepted by the client or on the fly as the day unfolds. The benefits are many – including the team knowing what work is ready (and where pressure may be building).


Systemising business has many advantages. Your team knows what to do and what to expect, making responses to clients faster. JobBag has been working in this industry for more than 25 years and all of the best practices are embedded within the system.