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Goal Setting & Planning

JobBag provides a suite of Goal Setting and Planning tools to help you set and then monitor your progress towards those goals.


An extraordinary and unique tool for financially modeling your business. Used for business planning and determining charge rates, staffing levels and performance targets. The KPI worksheet starts with the real-world data (costs and expenses taken from payroll and the General Ledger), matched to available hours (from payroll, by individual), etc. All variables can be adjusted, so that the impact of additional staff, or a higher profit margin can quickly be tested.


JobBag is integrated, so that as one task is completed, the data is used throughout the system. When an Estimate is flagged as accepted by the client, it automatically moves the job from proposed to live, adds the tasks to the workflow and includes the Estimate in the forward Forecast. (Adjustments to timing/dates are easily made). Forecasting keeps you on track, identifying missed invoicing opportunities and helping meet our targets.


Managing team capacity or, more importantly, knowing where overload is likely to occur is always a challenge. JobBag’s Visual Planning tool provides a visual display of what’s scheduled and where the pressure points may be. Drag and drop to move tasks around.

Visual Planing

Task allocation and workflow planning. This dynamic tool updates in real-time activities as they are assigned and completed, providing a bird’s eye view on where there is capacity or overload. WIP meetings are interactive events. WIP documents are a thing of the past.