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Financial Management

An end to end solution for managing all of your business's financial management from forecasting through to Payroll. Job Bag gives you full visibility and control.


JobBag features advanced tools to make estimating quick and precise. From creating custom templates, to cloning a previous estimate, to making modifications/variations. There are workflow settings that can require internal review before an estimate can be released, as well as flags for when client approval is given.

Everything in JobBag is integrated. Estimates link to RFQ’s, Jobs, Clients, Forecasts, and when approved, the workflow in Visual Planning.

The Estimate can be emailed directly from JobBag (as everything can be), adding a note directly to the client and job file.

Request For Quote

Brief multiple suppliers with one document, track their responses and link to the estimate you prepare for your client.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders are issued directly via email. JobBag has extensive security settings – limits can be set on who has rights to generate orders, including a limit to the dollar value. It’s also possible to require Purchase Orders be reviewed internally before release.

Once issued, Purchase Orders are tracked within WIP and Accruals, and then matched to the supplier invoice when it arrives.


Captured at the time the cost is incurred. Disbursements can be added to projects via a Purchase Order, as part of an Expense Claim or entered as an ‘item’ cost. PDFs of the invoices can be saved as an attachment, making future review and approval easy.

Expense Claims can be forwarded for review and approval, before entering the Accounts Payable stream.


Invoices can be generated at any point and can be based on the approved Estimate or raised using the actually activity as a guide. JobBag also manages Retainers by allowing the auto scheduling of invoices. There is complete flexibility. Invoices can have detailed line items or be just one total.

They can also be emailed directly to the client’s Finance contact (how easy is that?).