Timesheets are vital. But it can be challenging to get the process right internally. JB offers your staff multiple ways to record timesheets based on their preference

  • Straight from their diary for the “box-tickers”
  • One after the other for the “tab-key” players
  • Drop on the job for the “just-before-COB” recorders
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JobBag centralises any key information relating to your projects into a central job dashboard

  • Organise, Plan, access WIP, costs, notes and emails in 1 click
  • Get alerted when something goes off track
  • React before it’s too late ands save your profit!
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Rigorous but flexible. Here’s the rule: In JB, all your RFQ, POS, Estimates and invoices relate to 1, single, Job number. But you can create them the way you want

  • Never loose track of any costs
  • Clone and re-use jobs, estimates or POs
  • Multiple POs, Estimates on jobs
  • Multiple options inside each estimate
  • Custom stationary templates for each document
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Visual Planning gives you choice between a “bird’s eye view” over all your projects, or micro-planning.

  • Plan by job, by employee, by task
  • Plan on capacity and skill set
  • Automatically shift tasks to the right profile/team
  • Get alerted when overloading or going over time
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JobBag is like Rubic’s cube: its reporting combinations are endless, allowing you to quickly check on the multiple facets of your business

  • Insightful reports developed over 20 years servicing successful creative businesses
  • Each report is configurable using a vast range of criteria
  • Reports that allow you to answer “what, when, who, how and why?”
  • Reports designed to help you understand your business
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Myob and Xero are for any businesses. JobBag accounting is for Creative Businesses.

  • JobBag accounting is recommended by bookkeepers and accountants
  • One integrated system means no more time wasting double-entries
  • Time WIP, Income Analysis, “where did my profit go” reporting
  • Complete Financial reporting to your accountant
  • Payments, batch payments, receipts, journals
  • The most accurate profit courtesy of our Income Recognition logic
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Capacity & Utilisation

Being busy doesn’t mean you’re profitable. So let’s have a look at what’s behind “busy” means in your business.

  • Is your business run at its full potential?
  • What will be your business capacity in 3 weeks?
  • What resources will we need if this job goes ahead?
  • Which clients are you over or under servicing?
  • Track Billable time Vs admin time
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JobBag offers a unique solution to store and archive any electronic documents relating to a client or a job

  • Link any type of documents, manage versions
  • Track access and changes
  • Cloud or local storage
  • Auto archiving of email attachments
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JobBag comes with a range of smart tools to precisely budget and forecast for new business or recurring revenue

  • Interactive sales pipeline for account managers including opportunity rating
  • Forecast revenue for all jobs
  • Forecast for the business or at a client level
  • Track results against forecast
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JobBag is used by top performing agencies with 100+ seats, with multiple offices and overseas clients

  • Manage multiple business divisions
  • Multiple currencies and tax systems
  • Cloud-based or local host database
  • Full log of changes
  • User access module ensures SOX compliance
  • Unlimited and ongoing training and support
  • Flexible pricing
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