Developed by and for creatives, JobBag is a fully-integrated job costing and financial reporting database that allows us to have extraordinary control over jobs from their initial proposal and concept through to completion and final billing. But more importantly, it allows us to look at how we are allocating our internal resources, how effectively they are being used, how efficiently we are servicing our clients and well, yes, are we making any money.

Once a job is created, our Account Executives can quickly create an estimate based on the agreed scope of works, raise Purchase Orders to external suppliers who may be used for part of the production, and arrange for invoices to be issued. Our account management, studio and digital hours are entered against the job immediately, providing a clear trail of the job’s progress against timelines. We have a weekly review of all jobs in progress plus upcoming projects to assess job priorities and resource requirements for the coming week and to make sure deadlines are met, hopefully without cost and time overruns.

Gone are the days of management only getting a P&L and Balance Sheet at the end of the month with the odd Excel spreadsheet to summarise key results. JobBag has sophisticated and flexible reporting options that means we can drill down our analyses of timesheets, income and costs across individual clients, types of jobs or even on a job by job basis. Or in isolation. Or in any combination.

Through JobBag I’m confident I can provide ShapeGroup with quality financial and management reporting and analysis that will underscore our commitment to efficiency, profitability and most importantly, value for money for our clients. With JobBag as my trusty sidekick.

Love Job Bag.