“We deployed JobBag in 2004 across a team of 12 users. With success coming our way, we wanted to solidify the business and put together the foundations to support our rapid growth.

At that time, we were only using a home made solution to manage our jobs and timelines, and MYOB on the other side to track our costs and manage the finance. But this set up rapidly showed its limits: we couldn’t practically track our jobs, we had almost no financial reporting, and overall, we were not in control of the business. Finally, running two different platforms proved to be extremely inefficient. Hence the decision to implement JobBag.

In 6 years of using JobBag, Junior grew from a 12 to a 50-staff team. Jobs are accurately managed from start to finish, which puts the management team well in control of the operation. Moreover, JobBag also grew to meet our growing demands.

JobBag offers a wholistic and integrated job tracking solution that leads to accurate billing, profit reporting and decision making”.