AMBA Communications Pty Ltd

“The primary reason we use JobBag is not about measuring what happened before – it’s all about what happens next.  Yes, JobBag is an accounting system.  Can it manage, track and report on all things financial – yes.   JobBag does accounting well, better than many.  It’s more tightly integrated and there is great power in how processes are simplified.  That said – accounting is now almost a given.  We expect a Job Management system to be good at accounting (if it can’t do this well, what hope is there for anything more?).

The reason we use JobBag is because of how it helps us build the business (grow, become bigger, become stronger).  We use it as a way to manage the entire agency system – from workflow to how our account managers are trained.  The consistency in process delivers real results. From increases in productivity and efficiency to plain old better client satisfaction (and who wants more of that?).  For us, JobBag is the platform.  A very powerful platform.  You really should take a look.”