You saved me 2 hours every week!

Hearing things like that gives me a real buzz!

The comment came from Bronwyn, an account manager for one of our ad agency clients, last Friday afternoon.  I’d just finished a training session where we’d set up her Visual Planning window so she could be in control of all of her jobs and see the overall plan in one window.  I also showed her how she can instantly update the plan, just by dragging the tasks when things change.

She now had a birds-eye view of the Creative team and could see where there was capacity to fit things in.  Giving her this ability to plan meant she was not going to be updating WIP documents any more as it is all live in JobBag – WIP Meetings are now going to be interactive events.

Bronwyn was so happy and that comment just blurted out of a very happy face!  It’s really neat to do what we do.

If you’d like the same for your account service team, contact us about doing this for you in JobBag v6.

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