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Two interesting aspects about competitors came up today.  The first was a prospect asking me my opinion of a competitive product.

I said something like “I don’t comment on competitors for the simple reason that I know what it takes to create a software product and I have too much respect for those who do this.  I know how much perspiration, inspiration and dedication it takes to get a product out there and support it, improve it and deal with the real issues that stop you from having a really successful business.  I want to win your business by demonstrating we have a product that allows you to take your business where you want to go, and an approach to running a creative business that is far ahead in thinking. ”

The second was a comment made about us by a competitor to a client – we were described as being a Holden (an Australian car brand) and their product was a Ferrari.  It made me laugh.  What would you rather have?

  • A proven, venerable, dependable and reliable car that can go almost anywhere, achieve almost anything and will be running years from now.
  • An expensive car with lots of zing and bling but little practical application in most day to day situations that we find ourselves  – and our businesses – in.

I’m in business to help my clients win – business isn’t a tortoise and hare race, it’s a marathon.  JobBag has been around for over 25 years, it has been written/re-written completely 4 times and we are always looking at how we can improve it for your benefit.  JobBag is written for businesses that want to win and understand what it really takes to win.

Are you winning?

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