Are you flogging a dead horse?

I did a demo today for the local subsidiary of a major multi-national.  The comparisons that they made between their current system and JobBag resulted in the title of this post.  The major points were:

  • Their current system is effectively 3 separate systems.
  • There’s no way to replicate their business process in the system.
  • Critically, timesheets are just that and don’t link to any other aspect of the system.

After I finished the demo we talked about what they liked about JobBag.  The main points were:

  • There’s a logical flow to how JobBag works – from raising the job through RFQs, Estimates (including options), Purchase Orders, Client Invoices
  • There’s a superb range of extras that makes it easier for account service to be in control of the job.
  • It removes the need for spreadsheets to manage the pipeline (potential revenue) and billings forecast.
  • Productivity, utilisation and capacity are instantly available.
  • Aggregating information for reporting to Hyperion can be done in a couple of minutes.
  • It meets their SOX compliance requirements.
  • And there was loads more…

I don’t want to bang on about it, but if you’re suffering through using an inferior system, talk to us.  If you want us to hook into SAP or similar, talk to us.

Don’t flog a dead horse or suffer with an invisible acronym.  The productivity and efficiency gains will blow you away.

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