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Client Case Studies

Company: AMBA Communications Pty Ltd

Name: Peter O’Leary - Director

Location: Sydney

Staff Using JobBag: 18

The reason we use Jobbag is because of how it helps us build the business. For us, Jobbag is the platform. A very powerful platform.Read More ››

Client Case Studies

Company: Junior

Name: Susan Hackett — Finance and Administration Manager

Location: Brisbane

Staff Using JobBag: 40

JobBag offers a wholistic and integrated job tracking solution that leads to accurate billing, profit reporting and decision makingRead More ››

Client Case Studies

Company: ShapeGroup

Name: Isabell Howden

Location: Melbourne

Staff Using JobBag: 5

Developed by and for creatives, JobBag is a fully-integrated job costing and financial reporting database that allows us to have extraordinary control over jobs from their initial proposal and concept through to completion and final billing. But more importantly, it …Read More ››

Accountants and Bookeepers recommending JobBag

Company: Champion’s Business Growth Advisers Pty Ltd

Name: Stephen Champion — Director

Location: Parramatta (Sydney)

Clients Using JobBag: 5

It makes an enormous difference to our clients management and understanding of their business and really automates so many processes.Read More ››

3 top ways to use JobBag

  • Manage time for each project
  • Quality control
  • Cost benefit analysis



  • What am I working with?
  • What rate can I charge?
  • How should I manage client’s changes?


JobBag's Latest News & Blog Updates

Are you flogging a dead horse?

I did a demo today for the local subsidiary of a major multi-national.  The comparisons that they made between their current system and JobBag resulted in the title of this post.  The major points were: Their current system is effectively 3 …Read More ››

The canary in the coal mine

More than a century ago, miners used to take a small bird in a cage into the mine with them. The theory was that the bird was more sensitive to harmful gas in the air and would succumb to the …Read More ››

No trash around here

Two interesting aspects about competitors came up today.  The first was a prospect asking me my opinion of a competitive product. I said something like “I don’t comment on competitors for the simple reason that I know what it takes …Read More ››

Why is that red?

Digital Producer quizzing me on how Traffic and Visual Planning works in JobBag Q: Why is my budget for this task in red? A: The budget is in red because you didn’t allow for this task in the estimate approved …Read More ››